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Elf Drive In Hylands Park 21st Dec


Elf Drive In Hylands Park 21st Dec 00241

Come and watch elf, certificate PG, Drive In at Hylands Park. The 'Drive In' will be situated in the Car Park off A414 Greenbury Way. The gates open at 8pm where you will be loaned a personal Bluetooth speaker for your car, you will then be advised of where to park, depending on your vehicle size. All you have to do then is sit back enjoy some tunes, have a burger and chips with a sneaky tipple (if you're not driving) or soft drink if you are and wait for the film to start at 8.30pm. Food and drink will be delivered to your car during during the film and toilet facilities will be available for the duration of the event. £25 per car, and can have up to 5 people in your car, but when dishing out the seats do remember the best view is in the front.